What is 'Building Voices' all about?

Confident Communication

ornament1 Learning the art of confident communication through public speaking can enrich your personal and professional life. For many people, standing up in public and giving a speech is one of their greatest fears, yet it is something that we do on a daily basis without even realising it, such as answering a question in front of the class, or giving our “elevator pitch” when networking.

Building Self-esteem

ornament1 Individuals often describe reduced levels of anxiety when they regularly practice presenting to audiences. They describe an increase in general confidence as well as a marked sense of achievement. This is particularly highlighted when hearing a person answer a direct question in front of others without panicking. Also, as your self-perception greatly improves, so does everything in your life.

Encouraging Leadership

ornament1 Public speaking skills are a key component of good leadership. The ability to deliver a strong, confident speech reinforces an audience’s interest. Since skilful leaders have the ability to drive and produce change, you will need to communicate effectively and clearly what you would like others to do. Therefore, one of the most important skills for leaders is to develop public speaking skills.

Promoting Life Skills

ornament1 Our program offers students valuable tools in building life skills, such as being able to think quickly on their feet and use their imagination to think outside of the box In addition to learning the process of creating and delivering an effective speech, participants of public speaking leave their training with a number of other benefits.


  • Anna Heifetz, Parent

    "I am very happy that I enrolled my son into Samantha's public speaking program. Apart from enjoying every session he learned invaluable skills, which will be useful in both his future professional and personal life. Thank you for the great program!"

    Anna Heifetz

  • Diane Nevitt, Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School

    "Lachie was outstanding, and he made eye contact with the audience, skimming across the room. He used his cue cards effectively, his content was excellent, and within his delivery he shared his sense of humour. The audience were totally focused on his presentation, its duration was exactly 2 minutes. He is a real credit to you and your 'Building Voices Public Speaking' program."

    Diane Nevitt, Grade 6N Teacher at Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School

  • Sarah Morrissey, Little Rockers Radio

    "When I first started Little Rockers Radio I didn't think interviewing artists and performers would become part of my job description. Being a naturally quiet person, I needed some help with interview techniques, structuring the questions and importantly for me, filling in the silence or gaps. Samantha helped me with this tremendously and taught me some quick 'wins' I could implement straight away and some other things to work on longer term. Thanks Samantha!"

    Sarah Morrissey, Rocking Director, Little Rockers Radio

  • David Jaanz, School of Singing

    "Thank you Sam at 'Building Voices Public Speaking' for an amazing session at Jaanz 'Camp Invincible 2016'! We are looking forward to working with you again in the future."

    The Jaanz Team, David Jaanz School of Singing

  • Diane Nevitt (Half-day Workshop)

    "Attended a half day workshop today. Can't praise Sam enough, she is inspiring to listen and learn from. The time flew so fast. I have come away with strategies to overcome my issue pertaining to public speaking. Also learned heaps of pointers on giving a more interesting and entertaining presentation too. Thank you, Sam and Ink says "thank you too" for being so accommodating with having a boisterous pup in attendance. Would highly recommend this workshop. Thanks again."

    Diane Nevitt

  • Helen Kennedy (Half-day Workshop)

    "Today has been great. It has given me a lot to think about and practice.You make public speaking look very simple! I will work on confident posture, inflections and pauses to increase audience awareness of the important points, and think about how I write. Death by PowerPoint is not for me anymore. Thanks again."

    Helen Kennedy

  • Daniela Barel

    "I wanted to thank you for a very inspiring and empowering workshop. You are a great teacher and I learned some very important skills during the workshop. Now comes the hard part which is practising to improve. Thank you so much."

    Daniela Barel

  • Ely Ferguson

    "Thanks so much for the video! Please pass on my deepest thanks to Emily for always looking out for Harvey while we talk. It is such a wonderful opportunity for me to understand Jack better and how I could possibly help. A big thanks to you too. Your work has been amazing and you have shown a care for Jack that I have yet to experience elsewhere in Melbourne. Hope you ladies have a lovely day."

    Ely Ferguson, Parent of Jack Myers-Ferguson, Grade 1 Student (Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School)