Advanced Confident Communication and Leadership Program (ACCLP) – Grades 5 onwards

The ACCLP is an advanced public speaking program that can only be participated in once the student has graduated from the CCLP. The ACCLP educates children through coaching in more advanced techniques that can be applied not only when public speaking, but also throughout their day-to-day life.

Like CCLP, the ACCLP is run in sessions and the children learn how to use their newly acquired public speaking skills along with other leadership qualities.

Each Session is listed below:

Session One: The Persuasive and Inspirational Speeches
Session Two: The Entertaining and Informative Speeches
Session Three: The Interview
Session Four: Conflict Resolution
Session Five: The Great Debate
Session Six: Interpretive Reading
Session Seven: Group Event Planning Discussion
Session Eight: Showcasing Your Skills

The program runs for eight weeks as an after-school elective with each session going for 90 minutes each Monday and Friday from 3:45 – 5:15 pm.

Go to to see photos of the children in action.