We are proud to announce that Little Rockers Radio is now Building Voices Public Speaking’s media partner!

Little Rockers Radio is a national online radio station that’s dedicated to children from birth to six years of age.

Launched in 2014 as a screen-free entertainment alternative to support Mums, they are now a trusted part of Australian families with Mums, Dads and Carers pressing play 75,000 times each month.

The station is partnered with Australian Radio Network as the first Australian Children’s Radio Station available on iHeartRadio, Bonnier Publishing with Australian children’s authors reading their stories on air daily and Red Nose (formerly SIDS & Kids) running the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco through Child Care Centres nationally.

Created by Mum of two, Sarah Morrissey, the station has been a labour of love. Sarah is passionate about children’s health, physical and mental, and sees Little Rockers Radio as a platform to educate Australian families and children on the benefits of movement and mindfulness.

On-air kids can dance to all the favourites from The Wiggles, Hi-5, Lah-Lah, Sam Moran, Play School plus there’s Story Time to open up imaginations, yoga that’s perfect for littlies from 2 and up and short Happy Smile Little Meditations to take your little one on a mindful journey just before drifting off to sleepy lullabies.

Sarah is also passionate about supporting Red Nose, having lost her nephew to SIDS at 16-months of age. She dreamt up the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco, and since launch of the fundraising disco in 2015 has helped raise over $100,000 for Red Nose.

With plans to triple their figures over the next 12-months and many new programs in the making, Little Rockers Radio is a great example of what can be created with passion, belief and hard work. Qualities we love to foster in our own children.

“I hope I am leading by example. I love that my children can see my passion for change and that I am driven to make a difference. This makes me happy (and a little tired!) and for them I hope they can have the confidence and belief in themselves to chase their own dreams.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with ‘Building Voices Public Speaking’, an organisation that shares the same values for children as we do and shares the same community approach to making a change.”

We know that this is a fabulous opportunity that our businesses are really excited about through our partnership, and feel it’s wonderful that two local businesses are joining forces to bring about change Nationally.

These are amazing times for us as businesses, and as such, we want to be able to support our parents and carers because by supporting these key people in our children’s lives, we can support our beautiful kids, who are our future employees, leaders, and community members.

You can find out more about this fabulous radio station by visiting www.littlerockersradio.com.au