Have you ever felt like a speaker was talking just to you?

Has there ever been a time when you’ve listened to someone speak and felt connected to what is being said – as if the message is being delivered only to and for you? You might feel touched at a deeper level and feel inspired or motivated to action by the story. Even unconsciously, you might be reacting to how the speaker is delivering his or her speech. If you’ve found yourself eagerly wanting to hear more of what someone has to say, then you can feel confident that the speaker is oozing charisma, and having “charisma” can be described as, having magnetism, charm, appeal, and allure, to name a few. A charismatic speaker leaves you wanting more and makes an impression on their listeners. It’s important to note that not everyone is naturally charismatic. However, it’s a skill that can be learned.

What are the qualities of a charismatic public speaker?

Charismatic speakers:

  1. Know their subject.
  2. Have well-organised speeches—laid out in a logical structure, with a clear point and a strong message.
  3. Practice the
    for their speeches; 1) Plan; 2) Prepare, and 3) Practice. They are sincere and authentic and put in the work, and don’t have an attitude of, “I’ll just get up on stage and wing it”.
  4. Use correct grammar and pronounce their words correctly.
  5. Don’t use unnecessary filler words such as um, ah, Err, like, sort of, and so.
  6. Are confident and look comfortable, even if they’re feeling nervous.
  7. Can connect with their audience and build rapport.
  8. Have stage presence–they effectively use the space on the stage space and are comfortable with gestures.

Being a charismatic speaker takes time and practice to learn, yet it is achievable for most of us. See how many of the above qualities you’ve already got, then work on improving the rest. Have fun building even more of your charisma.

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